Die "Müllaktion" der Bio Bili 7d

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Why you should help nature

This looks like all of the other “Save the earth" or “Pick up the trash" texts but it isn´t. There are lots of reasons in those two statements such as helping animals not getting stuck or dying because of said trash. Humans are  creatures of nature and we should act like it. We should plant trees because they absorb the pollution we produce and create fresh air out of it. Trees can bear fruits for animals and humans alike. Our earth is entering into a climate change just because of how much CO2 we produce, which trees can prevent. Animals like bees and beavers should be protected because they are slowly dying out every year by humans or the changing climate. Bees are important because they make honey, which many food articles have in them. Beavers make dams, which provide tremendous environmental benefits for wildlife and water quality. Our earth is very precious and everyone should help it not to become devoid of life.

Trash Friday

Trash Friday was a few weeks ago when we collected trash in a radius of 300 m around FGH. A lotof trash was collected and multiple trash bags were filled to the brim. Of course we had washed our hands and wore gloves while picking up the trash. We didn’t pick them up with our hand because each group had one or more trash tongs. Some students found needles, some beer glasses and some even broken phones! Our biology teacher had a reporter come to FGH, who wrote down what we collected and as he was going to go we had a group picture with us and the trash we collected. Thanks for reading this far !